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Domain Name Registration

Before your WebSite can be on the web you must have a Domain Name otherwise known as a URL, WWW or Web Address. This name needs to be officially registered to ensure that you own it and that nobody else can use it. Securing domain names now for your immediate or future use is a quick and easy process.

Domain Name Registration is a necessary, easy, and strategically important first step in establishing an online presence, whether for business or otherwise. A proper Domain Name can set you up for success with your new WebSite in many ways, the most prominent of these is increased search engine traffic

What should I consider when choosing my Domain Name?

  1. To protect your online identity you should register www. your company name .co.uk
    or www. your company name .com If it is not available you may wish to register an abbreviation of your trading name, add a prefix or a suffix, or include a hyphen (-)
  2. However for SEO - Search Engine Optimization of your Website - important aspect of your domain name registration is the choice of keywords to use in your domain name. Try to use the main keyword or phrase you would like to optimise the whole WebSite for, and see if you can build a domain name around it. Think of keywords that people might search for when looking for what you have to offer.
  3. You may also consider registering additional domain names that reflect your brand, products, services, venue, events, activities, profession, and/or trademarks because there is no point in ranking high for your company name if no one is looking for it yet.
  4. Protect Your Good Name, it is always a good idea to register all the variants of your domain name to protect someone from stealing your virtual identity. You are unique and you want to stay that way. Even if you have a trademarked name, it will save you a lot of hassle to be prepared.
  5. Keep it short if possible. A shorter name is easier to remember than a long one and is much better for the printed media like business cards or folders .
  6. Some SEO Experts believe that using a hyphens (dashes) www.rent-a-car.com or underscores www. rent_a_car.com between words helps search engines differentiate between words but there’s no proof to this theory. The names are harder to remember, also underscores can not be seen when hyper linked, many people are not sure whether a hyphen is a - or a _ or a ~ and there is a good chance you will lose business to the competition with a Domain Name www.rentacar.com
  7. It is proved that people remember letters far easier than they do numbers. Avoid registering a domain name with numbers unless it is absolutely relevant to the purpose of your website or business strategy.
  8. Try to choose a Domain Name which is easy to understand when spoken aloud. Try saying your potential domain names to several people over the telephone.
  9. Be careful when using repeat letters, misspelled or too creative names like www.fon-4-u.com keeping it simple and familiar will cause far less problems in the long run and people will remember your WebSite Name easier .
  10. It is usually impossible to include all the above characteristics in a Domain Name. Especially since many names are already taken but they are worth trying to achieve before you make Domain Name Registration.

Should I register .com or .co.uk ?

If you provide products or services to the UK community .co.uk is recommended as it indicates that you are an UK organisation and UK registered trading entity. The .com domain name extension, being one of the original domain name extensions, gives the impression that your business has been around for a while and has a well established presence on the web. It is a matter of personal choice depending on what you wish to achieve. However, in an attempt to protect commercial branding it is recommended that where possible all local businesses secure the .co.uk and .com versions of their company and/or trading name together with the names of their major products and services.


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Domain Name Registration
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