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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a Web Site cost?

There are quite a few factors that are going to affect the ultimate cost of your web site. These factors include how many pages you are going to have, what special features do you need, and how interactive your future web site will be? What additional services are you going to order? Do you need web hosting and domain name registration? Although costs always vary according to complexity of the service ordered, we believe our prices cannot be beaten when you take into account the quality of web site and service we provide.

For a free estimate with no obligation, please click here.


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"Help Us to Help You" Quotation Form

We will give you a fixed price quotation and you can expect discounts for more extensive work. We don't charge consulting fees or other nebulous costs, we charge only for the work we do and the services you receive. In other words, we are honest.

Remember when filling in the quotation - estimate request form that the more information you are able to provide, the less likely it is that we will need to contact you for further information before quoting a price. Information we usually need includes:

  • What service are you interested in ?
  • Details about the domain name of your existing website ?  
  • Details of your design preferences - are we designing from scratch
    or do you have a logo or branding to build website around ?
  • Are there any other websites that you particularly like the design of ?  
  • Are there any other websites that you particularly like the layout of ?  
  • Do you want us to fully design it or have some design and layout ideas or drafts ?  
  • Timescale - do you have a fixed deadline or are you flexible ?    
  • How many and what pages - approximately how many pages do you anticipate ?  
  • Do you need Search Engine Optimization - SEO, what are the KEYWORDS ?
  • Will you need forms on the site such as a contact us form or more advanced forms?  
  • Will you need any special functionality like Multi language, CMS, Newsletter, Database, SEO, Shop, Flash elements or Other Special Component ?  
  • Do you need Domain Registration - details about the domain name for your website ?
  • Do you need Web Hosting for your Website ?
  • Will you need Web Site Maintenance ?
  • Do you need Website Statistics, PPC - Adwords ?
  • Do you need Search Engine or/and Directory Submission

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Why do I need a Web Site ?

  • It is ON LINE 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Email only doesn't work effectively enough
  • Your customers expect you to have a web site and email to progress in a competitive environment
  • You need to show images of products or jobs to customers
  • Your customers and prospects ask you for your web site address
  • You need to publish a work schedule available to customers on line
  • You need to provide online help, manuals, brochures or files download
  • Your competitors are on line and you are missing out on the power
    of the Internet and losing sales to your competitors
  • You want to start taking advantage of click-through advertising
  • Two years ago, a web site was a luxury, now it is a necessity
  • Your customers want to do business with you when it is convenient for them
  • Everyone needs one! With many new or existing businesses wishing to exploit the incredible potential of the internet, it is important to have a professionally designed and maintained web site

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Web Site Step by Step Guide

Steps 3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 are Optional. Please click each step to read more details.

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Website Creation Process

  • Research and Consultation
  • SEO Research and Consultation (if SEO ordered)
  • Design Draft and Customer Acceptance
  • Design + Text + Graphics + Forms
  • Programming and Online Testing
  • Final Client Approval and Minor Tweaks
  • Domain Name and Web Hosting and Email Set up
  • Installation and Tests
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (if requested)
  • Website is Finished and Online :o))
  • Ongoing Maintenance, Updates, SEO (if requested)

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Why should I choose Informer9 WebSite Design and Web Services?

Informer9 WebSite Design eagerly helps small businesses and individual clients on domestic and foreign market all over the World to establish and maintain a professional Internet presence. We create professional web site designs that will effectively promote our clients products and services to their target audience. Our pages are effective and efficient as well as attractive and eye-catching, strengthening your brand, optimising your online business performance.

We offer a cost effective solution for companies and individuals seeking the very best in professional web site design, If you are looking for an on-line presence that will deliver the best for you and your clients, our experience and high quality of service brings fast results.

Combining professional Web Design with simple and guiding navigation, intelligent copy writing and search engine promotion will achieve a highly visited website that conveys your web image. Informer9 have high standards when working on any project. We adhere to the latest Web development standards and guidelines as recommended by the W3C. The use of (CSS) Cascading Style Sheets enables us to develop high quality designs that are search engine friendly and allow much faster and economical alterations to a WebSite. Not everyone complies with these rules, but we consider them vital to the short and long term success of your site.

There are two ways of creating pages, and whilst both can appear visually identical, only one will bring increasing traffic, the one which has been Search Engine Optimized and "Spider Friendly". Our extensive experience has taught us how to assist the Search Engine Spiders. We understand the methods they require to effectively crawl and index your pages. Informer9 program the pages to make the information more visible to the Search Engine Spiders that continuously crawl the net. Every step of the web design process is done with Search Engine Optimization in mind.

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What is Web Site Maintenance?

To remain effective, a web site needs to be constantly updated and maintained, technology changes all the time and a site can begin to look and act old very quickly. Fresh information and look ensure people have a reason to return to your site. Maintenance Services we offer:

  • Product changes and additions
  • Updates to calendar or events
  • Add breaking news or upcoming events
  • Add or replace photos, graphics, graphs
  • Text re-writes and improvements
  • WSO Website Optimization
  • Domain Name changes or transfers
  • Web Hosting changes or transfers
  • Website Backup, Copy or Transfer
  • Broken links and errors review
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Your other website needs - links below

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I live abroad. Can I use your services?

We create web sites for clients who are local as well as out of the country. By using the Internet, email and the telephone, it is possible to communicate effectively with clients in any location. It is fast, cost effective and On Line !

Why to SEO - Search Engine Optimize your Web Site ?

Well optimised and promoted websites will give high ranking positions for more search strings, the higher these positions the more traffic and business customers will be guided to your website.

Web pages without Search Engine Optimization will not have much chance of being found and indexed by the SE Spiders/Bots. Even the best of the badly programmed sites will be way too far down the rankings to provide a decent flow of traffic to your business.

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Have you paid for a web site that will never be found?

Web pages without Search Engine Optimization will not have much chance of being found and indexed by the SE Spiders/Bots. Even the best of the badly programmed sites will be way too far down the rankings to provide a decent flow of traffic to your business.
Web Pages coded in the wrong manner will remain invisible to the Search Engines !

Why can't I find my web site in the search engines?

You need to submit your Web Page to Search Engines first and Search Engine Optimize it, please read more about our SEO and SE Submission services. Once it has been submitted to the Major Search Engines they may require several weeks, up to few months to list your site in their directory. We suggest you use Guaranteed Search Engine Submit and Search Engine Optimization. Your site can be listed on AOL, MSN, Overture in a few days.

Can I have Multi Language Web Page?

Yes. Informer9 can create multi language web pages.

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Can I choose Informer9 to design my Website and use my own Web Hosting?

Yes. Informer9 can create web pages for third party hosting.

What is a URL?

It stands for "Universal Resource Locator". This is the WWW Address typed in to view your web page on the Internet. For example, you type in http://www.mywebsitedesign.info to access our Web Page.

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that provides users with online systems for storing information, images, video, or other content accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own for use by website owners. You need the best hosting service for your web page to be accessible and powerful.

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I am currently hosted with notVeryGoodHost.com and would like to change it. How do I do this?

Just fill out a form quoting all the details and we will take care of everything. We will transfer and maintain your domain name along with all of your existing web sites content.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a specific Web Site Address that you choose and register with official registrar. Our domain name is "mywebsitedesign.info".

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I want you to design my Web Site. What should I do?

If you have decided you want a web site or have any questions, simply fill out our quote request form to start the process. As every website varies greatly in content, intended target audience and ordered services, it is always best to obtain an estimate.

What is Website First Impression? Is it important?

Visitors will form an impression of an online business within first few seconds, so it is very important that the information, text & graphic presentation are of the highest quality. If your Web Site do project a professional image, your prospective visitors will trust they are dealing with a legitimate business and go on to explore your products and services !

Website or Web Site?

Which spelling is correct? Officially, both are, so we use both versions. Why use both? Some search engine users will type Website and others will type Web Site to find this or other pages. It is also known as Webpage, Web Page, Page, Site or WWW.

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Optimisation or Optimization ?

Which spelling is correct? Officially, both are, so we use both versions. Why use both? Some search engine users will type Optimisation and others will type Optimization to find this content. It is also known as SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation or SEO services, Search Engine Marketing - SEM, Website Marketing, Internet Marketing, Website Promotion, Web Promotion, Website Positioning, Internet or Web Positioning.

Online or On Line ?

Which spelling is correct? Officially, both are, so we use both versions. Why use both? Some search engine users will type Online and others will type On Line to find this content.

How do I Check and Accept my Website ?

Once we have created a web page draft for you, we will put it live on our development server This will be how your website will look and this is the time for you to make any changes. Upon your approval we proceed to the next step. When the website is ready, we will put online working version on our development server again for your final approval and minor tweaks.

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How long does it take to design a WebSite ?

Depending on your project specifications for the Web Site and our current client design schedule, it could be up and running within as little as 24 hours but it usually takes around 5-14 days.

How do I submit my texts ?

Our clients submit their text to us in a standard word processor format via Email attachment, or on disk.  Text should be pre-formatted and edited into a final form before we receive it.


How do I submit my pictures, logo ?

Our clients submit their files to us via Email attachment, or on disk.  All pictures, graphics and logos should be .JPG or .GIF files.

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What Pages do I need and How many of them ?


  • Index page which is also known as the home page. When somebody types your URL into the browser, this is the first page that comes up. It is imperative that a good impression is made on this page.
  • About us page - its main purpose is to provide background information about you or your business to gain confidence in your readers.
  • Contact page is a useful way of allowing your customers to contact you straight away. The forms content are mailed directly to your email address and your contact details are always there. This allows your customers to effectively communicate with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Web Form pages also available. Forms: application, request, order, quotation or any other form you may need on your Web Page mailed directly to your email account, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Normal Page - they can be used to display products and services you or your organisation offers.
  • News and Offers - many organisations like to have one frequently updated page with company events, notices, offers, or any other information they would like the public to know about such as new product launches, special offers
  • Gallery Page - A picture says more than many words. Customers are more likely to trust online information, if they can see the face of the person, product or service behind it. You should add pictures to other pages as well.
  • Sitemap is required for every site to allow users to access all pages with no more than 2 clicks. It should be included on all bigger sites or websites with deep navigation. You should also have it for SEO purposes.

We can support all of your website needs. Please check the Services we offer, click link for more details.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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